Introduction · Certification & Business
01. Certifications
  • Venture Company
  • R&D Bio Center (preparing)
  • Evaluation Technology Excellent Certified Company
02. Business Field
  • Recombinant Human Insulin Analogs
  • Oral Medicines for Insulin Replacement & Dropping Blood Sugar Level
  • New Combination Ointment to Wound Healing
  • Viral RNA Extraction Kit & RT-PCR System
  • Testosterone Immune Diagnostic Rapid Kit
  • Effective Efficacy Bio Ingredients
  • Human-Driven Adipose Stem Cell Culture
  • Health Functional Foods & Bio Cosmetics
03. R&D Status
  • Pre-Clinical Trial for Effect of Lowering Blood Sugar Level of Recombinant Human Insulin Analogs
  • Insulin-Replacement or -Like Oral Medicines Preclinical
  • Easy & Quick Two-Step Molecular Diagnostic Kit Development
  • Pre-Clinical Trials for Itching Relief Wound Healing of New Combination Ointment
  • Ingredients of Human-Derived Adipose Stem Cell Culture
  • Functional Raw Material Based on Hydroponically Grown Germination Sprout
  • Joint Venture Technology Transfer