R&D · New Drug Discovery
Technical Cooperation & Joint Research with US Pharmaceutical Venture Company Pharmzens & Baylor Medical School of Medicine for the Development of New Diabetes Medicines
Anti-Diabetes Recombinant Human Insulin Analogs (Gluculin™)
  • Single Peptide Human Insulin Analogs for the Dropping of Blood Sugar
  • Naturally Folded without Inclusion Body Formation (in vivo folding)
  • Soluble in Physiological Natural pH
  • Easy Formulation (non-toxic, no m-cresol)
  • Confirmed the Effect of Glucose Uptake more than Twice that of Insulin using In vitro Experiments
  • Verified the Blood sugar Drop & Continuous Maintenance in Diabetes-induced Animal Experiments (pre-clinical)
  • Secured Various Modified Gluculins
  • Mass Production, Simplified Production Process, Lower Cost
  • US Patent 62952742
Insulin-Like Anti-Diabetes Oral Medicines (Glucumin™)
1) Oral Insulin Substitutes
  • Insulin Injection Replacement Type-2 Diabetes Oral Drug
  • Purpose of Replacing Insulin Injection or Reducing the Injection Numbers
  • Confirm the Insulin-like Effect through Cell Experiments
  • US Patent 62936206
2) Oral Blood Sugar Lowering Medicines
  • A Metfomin Modified Derivative
  • Anti-inflammatory & Anti-oxidative Activities
  • For the Treatment or Improvement of Complications from Diabetes
  • US Patent 62937298
New Combination Wound Healing Ointment
  • New Medical Ointment, Repenol™
  • Efficacy of Wound Healing & Inhibition of Skin Infection from Bacteria
  • Relieving Itching & Pain
  • Patent Application in Korea (10-2019-0167889)