R&D · Diagnosis
Molecular Diagnosis
  • Development of Rapid, Easy, & Accurate Molecular Diagnostic System for Various Infectious Diseases including Viral Infection
  • Simplified Viral RNA Extraction & RT-PCR Process within 1h
  • POCT Rapid Molecular Diagnostic System for Viral Infections
1) Easy & Accurate Viral RNA Extraction Kit
  • Possible Extraction of Virus RNAs within 10 min from the Swab Sample
  • Virus Nucleic Acid Isolation Technique through Single Operation
  • Rapid Viral RNA Extraction & Stability Maintenance
  • Stripping from the Existing Spin Column Method
  • Completed the Prototype ViPuri™ Viral RNA Purification Kit Development
2) One-Step RT-PCR Kit
  • RT-PCR (reverse transcriptase reaction/polymerase chain reaction) Simultaneous Perform
  • Modified LAMP Method Gene Amplification Technology with Improved Activity & Specificity
  • Performing RT-PCR within 40 min at Low Temperature
  • Application of Patent (10-2019-0148585) & PCT Application (PO19110028PCT)
POCT Rapid Immune Diagnostic Kit for Testosterone
  • Diagnosis for Bovine Testosterone
  • On-Site & Rapid Immune Diagnostic kit
  • Observation of Changes in Bovine Testosterone Hormone
  • Secured Testosterone Detection Antibody & Immunodiagnostic Technology
  • Technical Cooperation with Graduate School of Science & Technology, Kyungpook Nat'l Univ.