Diabetes treatment


In order to develop a new diabetes treatment, technology partnership and joint research with the US pharmaceutical venture company Pharmzens and Baylor School of Medicine.
A recombinant human insulin analog
  • - Production in invivo folding, effect of increasing profitability
  • - Reducing production costs and improving production processes
  • - Stable formulation under neutral pH conditions
  • - No need to add toxic chemicals during formation
  • - Persistent and high blood sugar-lowering effect
  • - Securing in vitro and preclinical experimental results for effective blood sugar drop
  • - US Patent Application (US Patent 62952742)
  • - Oral hypoglycemic agent
Glycemic Control Supplement
  • VitaGlu™
  • - Helps suppress postpartum blood sugar elevation and is necessary for normal immune function
  • - Production in full at FDA-certified CGMP manufacturing facilities in the United States
  • - Health functional food approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety