• New Drug Development
  • In Vitro Diagnosis
  • Bio Health
  • Global Innovation
  • Domestic Patent and PCT Application

GentriBio Co., Ltd. is a bio-venture company that does its best to provide humans with the right to pursue a healthy, beautiful and happy life and to realize the best satisfaction of their needs.

  • Goal
    Pursuing leading companies in the field of life science
    • Corporate growth
    • Social reduction
    • Profit-seeking
    • Transparency in management
    • Employment expansion
    • Globalization
    • New Drug Development
    • Diagnosis
  • Value
    Realize human dreams about health and beauty
    • Human's healthy life
    • Provide happiness
    • Customer satisfaction and emotion
    • Healthy beauty
    • Satisfying needs
  • Vision
    Human value realization, aspiration, and human dignity
    • New challenges and discoveries
    • Respect for human beings
    • A pioneering spirit
    • Social Values