Bio Technology

  • new diabetes treatment (biosimilar-gluculin™)
  • Product for wound treatment for itching and pain relief (lephenol™)
  • bipuri™virus RNA extractionkit
  • fast, accurate EzPid™One-step RT-PCR kit
  • quick nucleic acid extraction reagent from a sample
  • POCT immunodiagnosis kit: testosterone rapid field diagnosis kit (testopid™), harmful bacteria detection Rapid kit
  • Overseas technology transfer


  • healthcare products, vitaglu™: Blood sugar control, immunity enhancement, atopic improvement, etc.
  • bio and natural products materials: diagnostic probes, antibodies, and natural products extraction composite materials
  • Hazardous bacteria detection and care solution

Trade and consulting

  • Export of immunodiagnosis kits related to COVID-19
  • Export of molecular diagnostic kits, quarantine supplies, and cosmetics tailored to buyers
  • Consulting on the establishment of a joint bio-venture with Canada and India
  • Technology transfer and consulting for diagnosis, bio and natural material development
  • Transfer and support of molecular diagnostic technology (Canada, India, Southeast Asia, New North)